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2020-01-01 01:00 am
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Friends Only

friends only.
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2011-02-08 01:04 pm
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Friends cut.

On a whim, I just made a sizable friends cut. (It included around 15-20 people.) If you can view this friends only entry, then you're safe. If You were cut. And trust me. It was just as painful for me as it is for you. I don't like doing cuts. That's why I hardly ever do them.

At times like these, the whys immediately spring to mind. For most of you, it was simply that your journal seemed dead. For some, we never clicked; I never heard from you, and you never heard from me. I think you as an individual knows deep down in your heart space applies to you. If you're flabbergasted, PM me. I'll be honest with you.

Please remove me from your friends lists as well, and on other social networks that require a mutual unfollowing (such as Twitter.) I think I did a pretty good job clearing out Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts.

I can't emphasize enough that none of this is personal. There is no bad blood. I wish you the best of luck in your future friendships, and in the rest of your lives. All of that is the cliche thing that everyone says in a friends cut, I know, but I truly mean all of it.